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Fabric of Immortality: Ancestral Power, Performance, and Agency in Egungun Artistry | A discussion with author Bolaji Campbell and Cheryl Sterling

Book Launch

Friday, October 16

Fabric of Immortality focuses on Egungun masking, a unique cultural tradition practiced by the Yoruba of West Africa and their descendants in the African Diaspora, particularly in Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Trinidad, Venezuela and the United States of America. Egungun performances provide a vehicle and arena for dialogic reflections and celebrations, parody and play, and... read more

Art History, Postcolonialism, and the Global Turn | Part III

Virtual Symposia

Friday, October 23

As attention turns increasingly toward the “global” in art history, has postcolonialism fallen into obsolescence? Although touted as liberating, does the new “global” dispensation mark a rupture with history? What shall become of the generative critical theory that emerged in the 1980s and ‘90s, which partly grew out of reflections on anticolonial movements and post-independence nation-building?... read more
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Madina Tlostanova | Uneasy Affinities: The Postcolonial and the Postsocialist Art Between Resistance and Re-existence

Virtual Lecture

Tuesday, October 27

Madina Tlostanova is a critical culture theorist and Professor of Postcolonial Feminisms at Linköping University, Sweden. Her teaching and research abroad is focused on decolonial option, alterglobalism, postsocialist imaginary, fiction and contemporary art, non-Western feminism and gender studies, and the critical rethinking of Eurasian imperial/colonial histories. Studies of philology,... read more

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