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Madina Tlostanova | Uneasy Affinities: The Postcolonial and the Postsocialist Art Between Resistance and Re-existence

Virtual Lecture

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Madina Tlostanova is a critical culture theorist and Professor of Postcolonial Feminisms at Linköping University, Sweden. Her teaching and research abroad is focused on decolonial option, alterglobalism, postsocialist imaginary, fiction and contemporary art, non-Western feminism and gender studies, and the critical rethinking of Eurasian imperial/colonial histories.

Studies of philology, literary criticism and American culture in Moscow State University (MA in 1991), Gorky Institute of World Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD on the US Southern fiction in 1994 and postdoctoral thesis in 2000 – on US multiculturalism). Tlostanova has been invited as a visiting scholar, international lecturer and keynote speaker to many universities in Europe and in the US (Bremen University, Duke University, Linkoping University, Sodertorn University, Slovakian Academy of Sciences, etc.).

Most recent books in English include: Gender Epistemologies and Eurasian Borderlands (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), Learning to Unlearn: Decolonial Reflections from Eurasia and the Americas (co-authored with Walter Mignolo, University of Ohio Press, 2012). Editor in chief of the Russian interdisciplinary journal Personality, Culture. Society. Author of 8 books and 225 articles published in many countries and languages. Author of two decolonial feminist novels. Forthcoming book: Decolonial aesthesis and postsoviet imaginary.

Recent article: On lost crisitunities, vanishing postsoviet and decolonization of thinking, being and perception. The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory. Special Issue: Decoloniality and Crisis. 13.1, Winter 2014, pp. 53-67. E-ISSN: 1530-5228.