Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies

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Upcoming events

6th Biennial Design Science Symposium | Inclusive Narratives from Nature


September 20–September 22

Chace Center, RISD Museum

The Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD, Fleet Library at RISD, and Synergetics Collaborative are pleased to announce the 6th Biennial Design Science Symposium: Inclusive Narratives from Nature, an event exploring multiple approaches to sustainable/nature-inspired making, community development, and other work that facilities a holistic relationship with nature and natural systems. This upcoming... read more
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Race and Environment in the United States | African American & Native American Perspectives


Saturday, October 19

20 Washington Place, Auditorium (143)

This one-day symposium seeks to offer a nuanced view of the nature-culture discourse and to reframe generalizing assumptions about humans’ relationship to the natural environment which persist within western design professions, the environmental movement, and histories and theories of landscape and environmental place making. We Americans pride ourselves on the diversity of our society, yet the... read more

Climate Futures, Design and the Just Transition II | Design Politics, Aesthetics and the Green New Deal


Thursday, December 5

RISD Auditorium

Over the last two years the Green New Deal has come to define how we might think about just post-carbon transition in the United States. While denounced by some conservatives and liberal ecomodernists as implausible and unhelpful and dismissed by assorted eco-misanthropes as too little, too late, it still stands as the only game in town for thinking about post-carbon futures. This symposium seeks... read more

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