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Eating Grief: Environmental History of Agricultural and Food Justice | A talk by Dr. Claudia Ford


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

College Building, Room 412

Dr. Claudia Ford, from the department of History, Philosophy + the Social Sciences, will present a lecture entitled Eating Grief: Environmental History of Agricultural and Food Justice.

Claudia Ford

Claudia Ford has enjoyed a career in international management, development and women’s health spanning three decades and all continents. She teaches ethnobotany, indigenous knowledge, gender studies, international business, environmental justice and environmental literature in classrooms and workshops. She is principal investigator for an agro-ecology program and director of an artists’ residency program on 136 acres of productive farmland in New England that links ecology, social systems and the arts with agriculture with the goal of healthy food and farming communities. Ford is a visual artist and writer, and she serves on the boards of directors of the Soul Fire Farm Institute—committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system—and the Orion Society, a community that publishes Orion literary magazine, which explores the connection between nature and culture and presents inspiring new thinking about how humanity might live on Earth justly, sustainably and joyously.