Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies

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Visiting Scholars: Kate Sherren + Simi Kang | A Conversation about People and Landscapes


Wednesday, April 22

College Building, Room 240

Professor Kate Sherren researches multifunctional landscapes; cultural ecosystem services; climate adaptation; environmental education; and the organizational and intellectual challenges of cross-cutting topics like sustainability. She uses and often integrates various social and spatial research methods in her applied resource-focused research, particularly visual approaches like in situ landscape elicitation.

Simi Kang works with Vietnamese/American fisherfolk in Southeast Louisiana to consider what federal and state agencies privilege and exclude in local land, marsh, and water restoration projects. By acknowledging that the Gulf coast has long been a national environmental sacrifice zone, she asks how colonialism's ongoing impacts on U.S. notions of resource management, environmentalism, sovereignty, and 'Americanness' show up in these projects and the attendant call for coastal peoples to be 'resilient' in the face of ever-changing decisions made for, rather than with, them. Her work brings race and place into conversation with U.S. immigration law, land and water rights, national and transnational policy, disaster, gender, labor, and discourses on food and production.